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     I was suffering from Stomach Ulcer, I tried allopathic, ayurvedic as well as homeopathy treatment with no result, my doctor suggested to operate. When I came to Dr.Patkar’s clinic he suggested Vinegar Therapy, I got result in first week and was completely cured in 3 months, my doctor was surprised he told me now you don’t need to operate , thanks to Dr. Patkar & his Vinegar Therapy.

Subhangi Bhosale.
Ghatkopar Mumbai

   II was suffering from severe pain because of kidney Stone, sonogrphy reports showed 3 stones 14mm, 8mm and 5mm, I could not bear the pain. My doctor recommended operation, but I wanted to avoid it, my neighbor recommended Dr.Patkars Vinegar Therapy. I started the Therapy & one stone was passed on second day from urine, the pain was gradually lessened, after15 days sonography report showed reduction in stone size 8mm and 4mm. I continued my treatment and in 1 month the sonography report showed no stone. Thanks for Dr. Patkar’s Apple Cider Vinegar Therapy.

Sandeep Manjarekar.
Bhandup Mumbai

    I was bedridden for last 2 years I got Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 22. All joints were swollen, two relatives carried me to Dr.Patkar’s clinic, and he gave me ACV + Turmeric Vinegar with some other naturopathy medicines. In 15 days I could able to walk, before treatment My R.A. was 160, in 3months it came to 80, another 3 months it came to 40, now it’s below 20, I am normal now. I started travelling independently all across Mumbai now. Thanks to Dr.Patkar’s Vinegar Therapy for helping me out of this crippling disease.

Pratibha Patil
Ghatkopar Mumbai



   I myself had suffer from Herpes on my abdomen, it was very painful to bear the pain, I used ACV with equal parts of water with cotton on the blisters and apply a band aid tape to prevent the cotton from falling, in the evening it was 80% healed & next day it was cleared , the burning sensation was gone. I then started seriously to research the product for different diseases.


   II was suffering from Arthritis pain and kidney stone from last 5 years, orthotopedic doctors prescribed me calcium tablet lifelong for arthritis or told to get knee replace. Nephrologists (for kidney stone) told me to stop calcium tablets or get operated for kidney stones. I was totally confused as i had operated twice in 5 years for kidney stone. My aunty who had good results for paralysis suggested me to visit Dr. Patkar a naturopathy consultant.

   Dr. Patkar told me that your body does not absorb calcium so you get frequently kidney stone & body is deficient to calcium result in arthritis & osteoporosis. He gave me ACV+ Garlic formula which cleared my arthritis & kidney stone problem. Within 1 month I got 50% relief in arthritis and I got extra benefit that ACV & Garlic reduced my 2 kg weight in 1 month, as garlic is known for fat destroyer. I continued the Therapy for 6 months now the pain is totally gone. ACV+ Garlic has cured my joint pain, kidney stone & reduced my weight too .Thanks to Dr. Patkar’s Vinegar Therapy.

Rashmi Thakker.
Ghatkopar Mumbai



   I am retired sportsman, I frequently get kidney stone and used to suffer a lot of pain, now I have ACV in stock every time . By occurring slightest symptoms I take it and avoid the terrible pain.

Santosh Walawalkar
Sindhudurga Maharashtra


   I use to suffer severe Constipation & severe pain; I have to rely on churan & laxative. When I started Dr.Patkars ACV Therapy within month I got the results, slowly I reduce my other medicines. Thanks for Dr.Patkar’s ACV for correcting my digestion problem.

Ghatkopar Mumbai


  II had constipation problem since last 10 years tried all pathy medicine but with no result . I always feel uneasiness, & fatigue during severe constipation. Dr.Patkar gave me ACV which I had not used for 10 days as I was fed up of all medicine , one day I have urgently go to my native place, I took the bottle with me and started using it , I can’t believe that its working for me. I now feel fresh, clean & healthy. Thanks to Dr.Patkar for his Vinegar therapy.

Mukund Walawalkar
Mira road Mumbai


  My mother was suffering from Knee pain & Water retention problem, Drinking ACV for 3 months completely solved her all problems. Thanks for Dr.Patkar’s ACV.

Prashant Angane
Ghatkopar Mumbai


   I had Chikun gunya fever which had badly affected my all joints; I have been told by many that Chikungunya is a disease whose effects persist for a long time or lifetime. I tried Ayurvedic treatment for 3 months then tried homeopathy for some time. I was introduced to Dr.Patkar by my brother, he gave me Turmeric Vinegar blended with Black pepper, In 8 days my pain started decreasing in 1 month I was completely pain free all swelling in my joints disappeared, I continued the Therapy of Turmeric Vinegar for next 3 months. Thanks to Dr.Patkar’s Vinegar Therapy.

Mrudula M.Ayare
Malad Mumbai